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Stained glass lamp

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Expands Draft System








Unique collectibles and quality

antique furniture

as well as Stained Glass, Mirrors,

Sports and Rock 'n Roll

Memorabilia, and Jewelry.






party helmet

Football Beverage Helmet

harley davison helmet

Harley Davison Helmet





The wooden bowl of the pipe needs to be burned

before you can get a good smoke out of it; the charcoal layer

will protect the bowl in the future. the advantage of wood is that it is not too fragile.

For smoking with style, use one of these wooden pipes.

Come to see on Potros Resale Shop.



wood pipes potros resale shop

Collective paintings


Potros Resale Shop has all

kinds of objects of art and treasures

from around the world.

We have new paints all the time!

potros pait potros

Beauty piece of decoration...

potros antiquewoodclean

The Flintstones car...

One thing's for certain: Fred and Wilma

must have had amazing legs.


potros rifle

Decorative antique RIFLE


An alligator was found in the backyard

Now is on Potros Resale Shop


potros paja fix

  potros fix caja   potros washer potros jaula

We have new collectibles all the time.

All furniture, leather, home decor,

accessories, music,art and more.


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potros polea potros joyero estatua romana


Collectible Music


and Books

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potros fixshoe ]

If you're looking for unusal, one of a

kind treasures, art and collectibles,

this is the place.


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Located at 2124 N. Shepherd in the Heights, Houston TX 77008 - Tel.: 713-863-8773


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Harley davison helmet Football Beverage Helmet