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We Buy and Sell High quality used furniture !

potros dinner

dinner 2

dinner potrso

potros dinner

dinner 2

Dining setPotros


Dining setPotros

small table


Potros dining set


Ensure your dining room leaves your guest in awe by adding the beautiful formal dining set.

Potros dining set

dining coca cola

Modern dining furniture in red

dining set modern


potros dining dining potros 2


Finish white

Inspired by Italian design this

4-piece round dining set

will convey modern style with

its two tone appeal.

d potros

dining set

potros resale shop dining set

Here is an example

of the

style, comfort and

space efficiency.

dinin set 4 pieces potros

The perfect dining set for your home.


home made set

dining coca cola

dining set

Here is an example of the

beautiful and creative dining room

furniture that we have at

Potros Resale.



Here is an example of the

very nice

Dining Set Contemporaneo.

Dining set

We have all kinds

of dining sets,


wood tables,

large and small.

Whatever you're looking for, we have chairs, tables, and dining sets

for your to suite just about everyone. All sorts of styles, materials and sizes to choose from.


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